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2 –time World Champion Geoff Nemnich has been an outdoor enthusiast his entire life and his addiction for calling coyotes started more than 20 years ago.  Today Geoff is regarded by most in the industry as a leading expert on modern coyote hunting tactics such as using electronic calls, shooting AR15s and hunting suppressed. 
Geoff is the host of the popular Coyote Craze dvd series and also hosts a segment on the largest outdoor radio show in the country called the Predator Pulse. 
In 2014, Geoff and his partner, Layne Bangerter, won the World Championship Coyote Calling Contest in Williams, AZ.  Then again in 2015, Geoff and partner Dustin Patterson were able to defend the title in Kingman, AZ and bring home the crown!  
If Geoff isn’t traveling the country competing in contests and filming hunts, there’s a good chance you will find him giving seminars at the International Sportsman’s Expo which puts on the largest outdoor sports show in the West.  As a member of Cabela’s Pro Staff and a contributing writer for Predator Xtreme magazine, he spends numerous days in the field each season and is extremely passionate about sharing his love for coyote hunting with others.    
Geoff has the privilege of teaching new coyote hunters his tricks of the trade while conducting classes at the only predator hunting instructional school in the country, Coyote Craze College. 
Geoff is a former Marine and has 3 boys, Creighton, Carver & Colten.  Being able to share his love for the outdoors with them has been an extremely rewarding experience.


2001-1st place - Good Times Bar Calling Contest
Kimball, NE

         1 day hunt-5 coyotes
          Partner-Bob Nemnich

2009-1st place - Midwest Coyote Calling Event-
St. Francis, KS

          Sportsman's Warehouse Class
          1 1/2 day hunt-8 coyotes
          Partner-Bob Nemnich

2009-4th Place - Cabela's Coyote Contest-
Sidney, NE

          1 day hunt-7 coyotes
           Partners-Barry Shepard & Sean Whipple

2012-2nd Place - NPHA Annual Coyote Contest
Douglas, WY

        1-day hunt-3 coyotes
        Partner-Cody Eubanks

2013-3rd Place - Midwest Coyote Calling Event
St. Francis, KS

            Hornady Class
            1 1/2 day hunt-6 coyotes
            Partner-Bob Nemnich

2014-1st Place - World Championship Coyote Calling Contest
Williams, AZ
1 1/2 day hunt - 15 coyotes
Partner - Layne Bangerter

2015-1st Place - World Championship Coyote Calling Contest
Kingman, AZ

1 1/2 day hunt - 17 coyotes
Partner - Dustin Patterson

1st Place - Hyannis Coyote Calling Contest
Hyannis, NE

1 day hunt - 8 coyotes
Partner - Erik Nemnich

2016-7th Place - Midwest Coyote Calling Event
St. Francis, KS

1 1/2 day hunt - 9 coyotes
Partner - Erik Nemnich

2016 - 3rd Place - Wyoming Best of the Best State Championship
Cheyenne, WY

1 day hunt - 7 coyotes
Partners - Brett Rye & Carver Nemnich

2017 - 1st Place - Colorado Predator Classic
Hugo, CO

1 1/2 day hunt - 10 coyotes
Partner - Wade Edis

-Presenter - International Sportsman's Expo   Denver, CO, Scottsdale, AZ & Salt Lake City, UT

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