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 Invest in Your Coyote Calling Future!!!

Are you tired of watching video after video and reading article after article and it still seems like you aren't having the success you want out in the field?  World Champion and veteran coyote hunter, Geoff Nemnich, is now offering coyote calling classes designed to give you all the tools you need be a successful coyote caller.  This is a one-of-a-kind course designed to give you a solid coyote calling core that you can apply in whatever part of the country you call home.  Learn in several days what normally takes years to develop and learn through trial-and-error.  
     Geoff has over 20 years of calling experience and a background as a teacher and instructor during his time in the Marine Corps.  His knowledge, enthusiasm, and simple approach to calling coyotes will have you leaving the class with a huge bag of tricks and a greater understanding of the calling process and coyote behavior. Whether you call coyotes in the East or the West, the basic fundamentals are the same and that is what this class is designed to give you!!  During the 2-day class, Geoff will discuss and go over in great detail the following topics:

*The 4 P's to the calling process (place, positioning, practice, patience)
*Guns and ammo for coyotes
*Calling accessories
*Different calls and his preferred sounds/ Sound sequences
*Finding and scouting places to hunt both private and public/Maps
*Talking with Landowners
*Determining where to make your sets/ Transition & Bedding Areas
*Moving into sets/Approaches
*Positioning of shooters and caller while on the set
*Using the wind and sun to your advantage
*Determining how long you should sit on a set/ How far between sets
*Handling multiple coyotes coming to the call
*Coyote Behavior
*Using decoys and shotguns
*E-callers and using remotes/ Funneling coyotes to your position
*East vs. West Calling
*Coyote Hunting Contests
*Plus much more!!

     The first day of class will be spent in a classroom-like environment learning the meat-and-potatoes though lecture, power point presentations, white board diagrams and questions-and-answer.  The second day will consist of an entire day out calling and making stands.  During your time in the field, you'll make 12-15 stands, learn how to look at an area and determine where the best place to set up is, determine the best route into your stand, listen to live sound sequences, experience stands using an e-caller and remote, and hopefully get to watch a coyote or 2 respond to the call!   This second day of hands-on training is where you will really begin to develop a good sense of the coyote calling process and get to see everything you learned the first day in action. 
     This class is designed with the beginner in mind but is sure to enhance the ability of any level of coyote caller.  
     Space will be limited and class sizes will be no larger than 3 individuals.  This will ensure plenty of one-on-one instruction between you and Geoff and will make the 2nd day out in the field more feasible & enjoyable for all.  The classes are held in Scottsbluff, Nebraska.  
      Cost is $650 per person and includes a course workbook and transportation & lunch/snacks on the second day of class.  Kids 18 and under may attend the class free with a paid adult upon availability!!  If you are interested in booking an additional day of hunting after the class, these are available for an additional $150/day.  For more information or to book your spot in the next class, contact Geoff Nemnich at

      If you'd like to speak to someone that already attended the class, references are available!!

Click Here to read a 2018 article about Coyote Craze College as seen in Predator Xtreme Magazine!!

CLASS DATES For 2018/2019 Season
Oct. 22-23, 2018...sold out
Nov. 5-6, 2018...2 spots remaining
Dec. 18-19, 2018...Sold Out
Jan. 14-15, 2019...sold out
Jan. 28-29, 2019...Sold out
Feb. 18-19, 2019...1 spot remaining

Don't delay!!! only 3 spots Remaining for the upcoming season!!!!


Class attendee, DeWayne from Louisiana, and his double taken on the second day of class!!!

"This was my first morning out calling after I attended your class!  Thanks Geoff!!"

Joe C.--Kansas

Brothers Jake and Bryan from NV were able to apply what they learned in class and finally win their first coyote hunting contest with 12 coyotes!!  Congrats fellas!!

Gene from Alabama with his first Colorado coyote on the 2nd day of class!!!!