Coyote Craze Consulting

Is your outfitting business or guide service taking advantage of the fastest growing hunting sport in America?  You have the land leased, you have the client base, and you have the predators so why not take advantage of the extended seasons and liberal limits that are associated with predator calling?
If your business is interested in offering predator hunts to your clients or just wanting to maximize your existing predator hunting operation but don't know where to start, Coyote Craze Consulting is the answer.
During the 2 day consult, Geoff Nemnich will bring his Coyote Craze College Class to your headquarters and teach your guides everything they'll need to know to give your clients a outstanding hunting experience. 

Geoff w
ill also travel throughout your properties and help you develop a plan on how to manage your predator population to ensure quality hunts for your clients.

This is a one-of-a-kind offering and something that will pay for itself within the first few hunts you book.  As an outfitter, your time to make money is limited so why not increase your revenue by utilizing the resources you already have.   

The base price for the consult is $1950 with a varying additional fee to cover travel expenses depending on the location of your operation.  With the going rate of $300/day/guy for a predator hunt, you can see this is an investment that will pay for itself in no time!

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