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Coyote Craze Is a refreshing DVD to watch! No recreations to fluff it up,
just real time great hunting footage. Geoff is a natural in front and
behind the camera. Geoff delivers great commentary and offers straight
foreword hunting techniques. For his debut DVD it is a home run. One
aspect that i like is that he calls in a harvests so many coyotes with a
whole pack of different hunters, that adds an unprecedented difficulty
factor to filming and taking coyotes! Kudos Geoff! The Coyote Craze DVD
series will be must see coyote action for years to come. I give it 4 out
of 4 paw prints!

Brent Rueb - Promoter
World Predator & Hunting Expo


I just got mine and am very impressed with the quality of the footage and it's content. I don't have a blue ray player but I can see the difference in the quality of the video in regular dvd format. The hunts, Footage, editing, everything comes together for a great video!

Brian Downs
The Predator Hunting Talkcast

Some of the hunts were just wicked. There is humor, excitement, action, and outstanding video footage of sweet shots and great calling sequences. I loved the counter that indicated how many times the younger hunter said "awesome" after knocking down that double.

I was smiling the whole time the video was playing. My wife didn't like it as I had it turned up in my den while she was in the living room watching her shows. The sound quality is great and the wife was convinced that I was in the den screwing around with my foxpro.

I rate the video a 5 out of 5 stars. If you haven't seen it, BUY IT NOW. I couldn't be happier. Keep up the great work Geoff.

Chris T. - Georgia

The DVD has a run time of 105 minutes. Packaging is professional, and the cover photography looks great. Geoff hunts coyotes with a variety of friends on this movie, on locations in Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado. You’ll see over 24 hunts in this video.

You’ll see some awesome scenery in this video, in various seasons. A fair amount of hunting in the snow too, which is always interesting to watch. Camera work is good through most of the film, although it is a bit shaky here and there. I suspect some of the shakiness is a function of predator hunting and how quickly things happen. I consider this an area of possible improvement, but in no way does it detract from the overall quality of the movie.

One thing I found enjoyable was at the end of every hunt sequence, Geoff posts the stats. – Time of day, temperature, caliber and bullet type. This adds a nice dimension to the DVD. What I really liked though, was the periodic instruction inserted into the movie. Included were how to pick sets, how to approach sets, and what to do once you are on your set. This was a great thing to add, and really helped break the movie up periodically. Blood and gore was minimal, except in a couple of scenes. I’m not sure I would invite non-hunters to watch the movie with me – most hunters will enjoy it though.

On the other hand, I would highly recommend this DVD to hunters that want to take up predator hunting. For them, this movie has it all – lots of hunt sequences showing coyotes coming in alone, in pairs, and even in threes. It has some fundamental instruction that would be great for new coyote hunters. It also demonstrates effectively a variety of coyote approaches – everything from sneaks to flat-out dead runs. It shows how hard they are to see, in varying types of terrains.

Marshall MacFarlane
Desert Rat Blog

Coyote Craze did NOT disappoint! VERY NICE footage.. I never want to watch another hunting video in anything but Blu-Ray. The mountains, the landscape, the coyote footage- just very, very nice. To see the paws spread on coyote as it's paralyzed (yes, disturbing a little) but at the same time- WOW.

And not only that, there were many things we loved about the way you put it together, not just the blu-ray aspect... 

What you did with the labels during every hunt. Location at the beginning, but more importantly the details of the hunt at the end (TOD, distance..etc) PERFECTION. You have no idea how great that is to see, especially when our typical dvds (Randy Anderson, Drury Brothers) do not generally take the time to include this information. Some of the hunts and angles were especially great. The "stalk and shoot" hunt sticks out in my mind, because how many coyote hunts happen just like that. Excellent!

Brain G. - New York

You and your crew did a great job on the video!  I would say it is one of the best I have ever seen.  The backdrops, action and photography are second to none.  I can well imagine how much time and effort went into the entire production.  It sure left me wishing I was there for every hunt.

Hunting those wide open areas sure made me jealous too.  Watching them come in from 500-yards out, leaving dust sure doesn't get any better than that.  Once again, I really enjoyed every moment of it.  You did a terrific job on the narrations too.

Red Barbarossa
Redhunter LLC


You Gotta check out Geoff Nemnich's new Coyote Craze DVD! This guy knows coyotes and brings them to you in a realistic look at coyote hunting! Coyote Craze has a lot entertaining kill shots and provides good information on how they get these wary critters into gun range. You can tell Geoff and his friends had a lot of fun filming this one. I can't wait to see the next one!

Uriah Wurst

Coyote Craze is one of the best if not the best coyote hunting footage I have watched yet!!  I really like the part when you have 3 dogs in the frame and kill 2 of them and almost the third.  I just started hunting them last year and really enjoy all the tips you give on the show.

Chad E. - Wyoming

I really liked it a lot.  I have almost 30 coyote hunting DVD’s now and I would put it in the top 5.  Very informative and you sure hunt some beautiful country.  Just wanted to let you know how much your hard work is appreciated.  I look forward to Vol. 2, don’t stop now.

Brain G. - Wisconsin

I got a chance to view Geoff Nemnich's first video in his Coyote Craze series: "Dead in Their Tracks"

The DVD is an hour and forty-five minutes long with 24 hunts and 38 dead coyotes. It was shot in Nebraska, Wyoming, and Colorado.

This is a fun video to watch! It is a no-nonsense coyote hunting video. There are enough tips injected at different points to help the newer caller, but most of the video is calling coyotes. One of the features that I really liked was the "Call Log" posted at the end of each stand. The Call Log lists the month and time of day, the temperature, the caliber and bullet type and weight used, the shot distance, and the total calling time on the stand.

I have to admit that my favorite part of this DVD has to do with where Geoff is calling. You get to see a lot of coyotes coming in from very long distances. That is my favorite scenario. I love to watch them come from a distance and work them in.

There are also some good multiple kills.

Great job, Geoff!! I will look forward to Volume II!

Bob Connell
Owner-The Texas Predator Posse Message Board
Contributing Writer: "Predator Xtreme", "Trapper & Predator Caller", "AR Guns & Hunting"

I received your DVD this morning, and have just finished watching it. I enjoyed it very much. Plenty of action and some real good shooting. What I particularly liked was, not too much talking between each shot. Some DVD's spend too much time explaining about 'how the Coyote was shot, or missed'! I also like the fact that you show details of what caliber rifle is used, and distance etc.
I have a collection of over 200 hunting/shooting DVD's from around the world. Many of them are from the USA. I am only too pleased to add this DVD to my ever expanding collection.

Steve B. - England


Got it, watched it, loved it!
Especially liked the 'log' after each hunt. Lots of yote hunters are riflemen, so I appreciated being able to know the caliber/bullet and distance of the shot...

Big thumbs up from me!
Good guys having good fun and getting it on film. I will never get tired of watching yotes getting whacked on video. So I'm gonna watch it again tonight!

Fred R. - New York



The only thing I didn't like was that it wasn't long enough !!!!! 8 hours would of been great. Very nicely done!

Steve A. - California


Geoff and his crew have put together an excellent video in Coyote Craze Volume 1. The overall production quality is superior to most predator hunting videos and the calling action carries the theme of quality throughout. Coyote Craze is as informative as it is enjoyable and Geoff offers practical calling tactics that will benefit every skill level of predator hunter. The non-stop calling action will get your blood boiling and you'll be itching to go calling by the end of the video. Very well done Geoff, can't wait for Coyote Craze Volume 2!

Brian Workman--Workman Predator Calls